In 1997 the UPCL entered the Pentecostal European Fellowship.

In 1999 the UPCL became the associated member of the World Assemblies of God.

About ten churches of the Union of PCL have close relations with churches in Sweden. The cooperation began when in 1981 Vilnius EFC Church welcomed some Christian tourists from Aneby town, Smaland, Sweden. Currently members of both friendly congregations in both countries visit each other, pray together, arrange Evangelism events and plant new churches together.

In the fall of 2001, in Vilnius, there was an anniversary celebration arranged which commemorated our 20 year‘s friendship with the Swedish churches. The anniversary was attended by representative guests from Sweden, the Union churches, other Pentecostal churches and from the Baptist Union of Lithuania. The celebration was visited by the ambassador of the Swedish Kingdom in Lithuania.

In 1992 for the purpose to work with the UPCL the first missionary family from USA (Assemblies of God church)came to Lithuania. They assisted in arranging Evangelism events as well as establishment of Vilnius Theological College.

In 1995 a group of Christians from Germany came to Lithuania for a visit.

In 1997 a missionary couple from Poland came to work with the UPCL. This missionary couple supported churches which are attended by people of Polish nationality.

In the projects of the UPCL a successful part have some churches from England, Finland and other countries.